Tanuki Japans Eetcafe Amstelveen

In 1995 Tanuki established her first Izakaya in the centre of Amstelveen. An Izakaya is a so called ‘Alcohol House’ where businessmen enjoy alcoholic drinks together. During the years the Izakaya transformed into a place where people, besides drinking, can also enjoy matching dishes.

Tanuki strives for the right balance between alcoholic drinks and matching Izakaya dishes. Therefore we were honered to receive the title of ‘Best Japanese restaurant of Noord Holland’ several times. And of course we are very proud on these achievements.

Many satisfied customers still enjoy the wide scale of Izakaya dishes in combination with carefully selected alcoholic drinks. A couple of the popular dishes are for example sushi, sashimi and perhaps a bit suprising for some, but also fried dishes like fried cheese or fried potato. Especially the fried dishes are a favourite amongst Japanese people because it matches very well with alcoholic drinks.


Pieter Lastmanweg 9
1181 XG Amstelveen
020 645 4650


Daily open 12:00 - 23:00 (kitchen closes at 21:30)

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